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Portable X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) Testing

We perform Elemental Analysis via XRF as part of health outreach events, collaborations on research and projects, and other general testing. Elements that can be identified include Magnesium through Uranium, covering applications including:

Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM/EDX/EDX)

Please note that we are unable to perform SEM work until we relocate.

  • Surface Analysis
  • Sputter Coating

Equipment Service and Repair

We proudly maintain our own equipment and can help you with equipment that is no longer supported or out of maintenance contract to keep equipment online. We also update/retrofit control systems, interfaces, and computers where feasible.

  • Lab Equipment and Instrumentation
  • Industrial and Manufacturing equipment

Consulting and Design Services

We consult on and handle a wide range of design and engineering challenges:

  • Custom PCB design and manufacturing
  • Industrial Control Systems, Automation, and Process Engineering
  • Part Design and Prototype manufacture

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